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  1. Looking for pay per call publishers for a few verticals
  2. Bowthemes Affiliate Program: Free Registration | Upto 50% Commission | 90 Days Living cookies
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  6. @@@@@@ $0 Starter Account… 2 Free Websites… and lots more!!! @@@@@@
  7. CheersFile Highest Pay Per Download Network| $1-$40 Per Lead | Weekly Payment | $2 Bonus |
  8. Free Resource to Fund Your Business - Nothing to Buy or Sell!!
  9. New Great Paying Affiliate Network (Up to $5 CPM)
  10. BuckMine.net | Pay-Per-Download Network | High CR & EPC | Get accepted now!
  12. VigLink + Youtube?
  13. SocialHawkers Affiliate Program
  14. Reality Show for IMers
  15. KingFiles.net | Official Introduction | NON-SURVEY PPD | Up to $30 per 1k Downloads & 20% Sales
  16. Anyone else promoting Ashley Madison?
  17. Get your own image host for free and start making money!
  18. DocketUpload-The New PPD Network with New Ways Of Earning!!!
  19. Wisher Easy $20 A Day Social-Media-Automated-Wordpress-Blog-Earning-System
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  25. Edu-Profit.com - earn up to $1000 per order (Students traffic)
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  36. Make up to $20 per download!
  37. Anyone using Peerly here ? Pause your runing peerfly's campaigns.
  38. New Cosmetics and Perfume Affiliate Network
  39. Stiforp - which is spelled profits backwards
  40. Easy Way To Make Money With Your Cell Phone !
  41. [$2 every referal] 100% guranteed money in 2 minutes!
  42. A new cash system that gives you $1 for each referral
  43. Amazon.co.uk for us traffic
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  48. £11 Pay Per Free Sign Up/Lead Adult Dating Affiliate Network
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  53. Every Downloads Count We pay all countries [Upload,Share and Earn fileband dot com]
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  55. [New] Skype Marketing Software: xSky
  56. Earn up to 25$ per 1000 video views - new program, easy money!
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  64. Started 6pm pst 1/2/2011 and I already made $262.58!!
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