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Thread: Paypal is Scam

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    It's easy to call someone a scam, but keep in mind that Paypal is an international company, and is used for easy money transactions all over the world. There are cases where they seem to be stringent, but it's money that is involved. If they are careless in handling transactions, they could be pointed as frauds and sued for billions...

    There should be some reason for them to hold your money, be it $100 or $1million... they need to be accountable for letting that transaction go through.

    Somewhere in this thread, someone gave reference to a couple of e-mail who can help you. Maybe you should check them out, or call up Paypal directly.

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    everyone hates paypal but there is no good alternative to it ,,,just drive safely

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    I have used paypal since 2004 or is it 2005, not sure, but in all that time I have nothing to moan about.

    When I first set up my business account with them, I made a mistake in the business name. Didn't realise it until I was about to transfer money to my bank account. Cue panic for the next two days.

    When I finally got a grip of my brain I phoned to leave them a message for them to contact me after the holidays. Imagine the surprise when a guy answered the phone and dealt with my problem there and then.

    Great service, very pleasant guy and 'result!' Had to thank the guy and offer my condolences to him, after all it as Christmas day! Who knew PayPal had at leat one phone manned on Xmas day - for sad people like me who can't switch off, even on the biggest holiday of the year.
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