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    Have you heard of the membership site where you learn how to promote physical products? The owner is Sara Young. I want to have a feedback if you did join or know any body that joined the club. Here is the website,
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    I am also interested in this course. Info or share would be great!

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    She has this on sale until the 18th.

    I'm curious as to how the program is helping people as I can't find reviews on the web.

    The only thing is, with the discounted price ($297) she'll only do 1 coaching session with you instead of the usual 'ill coach you till you make $1000/month online', and you only get 5 of the live weekly Q&A.

    What I attract me the most though is her claim of traffic generation methods that are not reliant on Google. Makes me really want to invest in the program as based on my personal experience promoting physical products, it's hard to drive non-searh engine traffic.

    Has anyone got this course or has one through it before? You don't have to share it. Just at leat gie us some feedback on the this course which normally costs ($997)


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    I can share my experience with Sara Young's Insider Profit Club. Heck, I spent last year's Christmas bonus on it! Good, but not a great way to spend $1,200. plus, I'm no further ahead with it today.

    The IPC is a complete course in how to sell physical affiliate products (read amazon) through a web site or blog of your own. something which is becoming harder and harder to accomplish. If you knew this stuff ten years ago, you'd be world famous today. It's based on Brad Callen's teachings and very much in line with a lot of the stuff you can learn through Mark Ling's Affilorama.

    I would like to say that I believe Sara Young to be one of the most authentic individual I've ever studied under. Her step-by-step instructions on how to build a blog style website are second to none. I've purchased and followed other programs by other, more well-known gurus out there such as George Brown's Google Sniper and can say that Sara's instructions are 100% complete and much better than anything else out there. If you're not making money using her system, it's not because of a lack of instruction or support on her part.

    My own affiliate blog (I only created 1) was somewhat of a disappointment. The keywords chosen were not buying keywords. After three (3) months of closing myself out from my family and working every moment I had aside from my full time job, I had only succeeded in creating one blog that had visitors, but was not converting. So after many weeks of blogging and backlinking (ugh), I gave up on my site. I could not stomach the thought of starting over from scratch when I had so little to show for my hard work. I decided to continue my search for other, more profitable avenues.

    To make a long story short, I came to the conclusion that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve success as an online marketer with the IPC. Plus, with Google's ever-changing demands and crack-downs, it can often be disheartening to many marketers, especially the part-timers who need to burn both end of the candle, just to see their hard work result in so little monetary compensation. I mean, most people would just rather not have to work so hard and get the benefits, right? Show me the money!

    With that being said, I must turn your attention to what I've found to be the easiest, most encouraging system to create a blog yet. The Empower Network, created by David Wood and David Sharpe is changing the lives of countless individuals, mostly newbies and part-time marketers. Nobody saw this new system coming! Even those who knew that EN was going to make it never thought it would create so many full-time marketers as it has to date.

    This Network has paid out over $21 million dollars in commissions to its affiliates in the past year alone. That is over $1.76 million dollars a month to every day people like you and me!!

    The system is accessible to everyone (only $25 to join) and really works! You'll find very few negative reviews from people who give the Empower Network a try. Many seasoned Warrior Forum members are raving about this. I've been a member for just a few days and the few techniques I've used to date have brought me leads. I have never seen results so quickly with any other business. Period.

    The internet marketing landscape has bee changing over the past 12 months and 2013 will continue to see more and more people in need of additional streams of income or looking to replace their full-time incomes. Hit this link to see for yourself how simple the system is. I'm sure you'll agree that this all-inclusive network will make blogging and getting ranked a lot easier than starting a blog from scratch.

    There are only two things you can do in life. You can either 1. Sit on the sidelines and watch the game and wish you were a great player. Or 2. You can join the game, learn from the best and become a part of the most rewarding lifestyle. Some games are easier than others. You can continue hitting your head against the wall, fumbling in the dark, trying to make headway in a difficult to win game. But why make things hard whe you can step up and Own This Game!
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