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Sep 27, 2016
Aug 15, 2010
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Sep 27, 2016
    1. leeramirez
      awesome post on ranking for big keywords. love it!
    2. cdsalmons
      Clear your box
      I tried to respond
    3. ibrenato
      Hi hudders , i hope i'm not annoy you with this message but i really appreciate if you tell me which free courses here you would recommend that takes a newbie to advanced with usefull information that is currently working and less magical potions that make 200k a month right away.

      warm regards,
      Renato .
    4. cipangoreng
      hi you have ebook or guides on how to config the backlink energizer? do i need to config the cron job thing? thanks
    5. geneous
      Bhai i need your litle help for SEO ,,I have downloaded senuke cracked from this forum , But the problem is captha & web2 account creation is not happening in that,,All tile i got red cross error..Can u please tell me the problem..If you have time please give me your working Senuke ,,Please reply once you are free..Thank You Bro
    6. WeiseGuy
      Will reply to your PM when I have 3 days of registration.
    7. WeiseGuy
      Hey Hudders,

      I see you are into MLM some, you interested in Affiliate Marketing too? I have a pretty good system I've been working with (its listed as my homepage on my profile) that has a forced 3x2 matrix...check it out!
    8. bally
      Hi Hudders..

      John gave me your details .. I wanted to learn blackhat and wanted to know if there is a UK based conference etc that one can attend and learn the stuff. Well, so far there are three of us..

      As you are a member of some standing.. maybe yu have ideas etc. Please comeback.

      One other point, I upgraded my membership to VIP because that will give me access to some cutting edge software.. Can I find it? No.

      What does one do under the circumstances that I have described. By the way, I have approached a few black hatters and said I wish to learn .. but did not make a lot of progress..

      I love to hear from you.


    9. Nightlurker
      Hey I read you're post about dropping out of highschool and all that. I myself am a highschool dropout so I came to look at you're profile and I see you're ahving some trouble with HTML.

      I only started internet marketting 3 months ago first thing I did was learn HTML I was able to do it in 1 day and I'm no genius.

      Anyways I learned it here (I know it as some ads but just ignore them)

      Btw I know it's hard starting out so if you need some help add me on skypeN is diogopires47
    10. Barney
    11. Barney
    12. n4ru
      Hi, I"ll be online tonight, sorry I haven't been online this weekend.
      Last I checked though you seemed to be offline, were you invisible?
    13. twomap
      Hey, I read your post about yahoo answers and cpa offer. Its one method I have overlooked. Long back I promoted CB products and sharecash files on y.answers.. But results were not good and I left yahoo answers..

      Can you pls help me to get something out of cpa offers using y.answers?
      It will be much appreciated..
    14. n4ru
      I added you on Skype, my Skype SN is geokoder. I have to go to bed now but I'd love to talk tomorrow.
    15. n4ru
      I'm at school at the moment (kind of pointless but I go for now anyway), I'll add you when I get home. I can't PM yet since I have under 30 posts, I'll let you know when I add you. Thanks again for reaching out to me.
    16. n4ru
      Hey. I'm actually really interested in you. I'm 16 myself and I'm reading through your reply. I was wondering if I could have some form of instant messaging contact to get in touch with you sometime, maybe you could give me some more tips or some methods I could use.
    17. bzdanator
      I understand that this is a free forum where people can share things for free. However, there's also a section where I can offer my service at a price. So I'll be looking into that instead. Thanks anyway.
    18. bzdanator

      I found your thread regarding how to get backlinks indexed quickly.

      I have a unique indexing technique that specifically leads Google to these backlinks within 6 hours, with an indexing rate of 85%+. However, it's not a technique I'm willing to share. I do have an indexing service, if you're interested.

      Please let me know.
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