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    Guidelines for Posting and Receiving Approval For Your Sell Thread:

    1. You must have VIP status. Make payment here
    2. You must be free from infractions and bans.
    3. Your product/service must comply with all BHT rules, including but not limited to, no forums, no coaching, no illegal services. Check the rules before deciding on a thread.
    4. Your thread should include clear contact and refund policies.

    How To Submit A Sell Thread

    Please follow these steps below :

    1. Create your new thread (it will be automaticly invisible)
    2. Pay a $30 listing fee via PayPal to here
    3. After make payment please send your email paypal and transaction id to admin to be reviewed THEN your thread will be approved and will be viewable to all members. Wait patiently to hear back from the staff regarding your BST, DO NOT send follow up PMs requesting the status of your thread.

    If you're interested in a banner ad or sticky thread for your product, contact admin directly.
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