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    How it works:

    • Find a list you want to add to.
    • Add an image/video of the product you want to add (You have to register to do this). Products you recommend should be listed on Amazon or eBay.
    • Write a description of the product and why you recommend it. The more detailed, the more people will find it useful and the more you will earn. (200 word minimum)
    • Our editor will take a look and check out the grammar, content and spelling. If everything is good we will publish it.
    • Share the list with all your friends and get them to upvote your contribution to get it to the top of the list.

    How You Earn:

    • When you sign up you will have to enter an email address. We will use this as a primary source of contact.
    • When someone clicks on your recommendation in the list, they will be taken to Amazon/eBay and anything they buy on Amazon or eBay within 24 hours you will get a cut of. We pay out 70% of the revenue your submission generates to you.
    • We pay out monthly (1st of the month) via PayPal or Direct Bank transfer (UK only).
    • View your earnings in your profile (we update them weekly).

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