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    This is the exact method built into a web script for me by a friend of mine, i was given permisson to give this out as long as he got credit for it, and his name is in the readme and source still, im just letting you guys have it since i love evreyone here!

    On the Bluehatseo blog, Eli explains about scraping from rss, and generating 100's of links an hour EASILY. This script is FULLY automated, and it was a pain in the fuckin ASS for me to install, so PLEASE dont ask me for any tech help. There is a readme included, and i can tell you that you have to make your own SQL dbase for this.

    To all my blackhat brothers here in the forum!

    (here is a link to the original post from ELI on bluehatseo Click me! explains the method in its entirety, have fun understand it cause i read it like three times VERY slowly and it still felt like my brain was constantly farting.)

    Enjoy guys

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