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    FOR MY 200th POST!

    After posting a few ads on craigslist to my catchall "allaccounts@" i realized, i wouldnt be able to email them back from that email... so i whipped up a lil email extractor...

    Sorry but i was unable to add in body support, it saved all the html garbage and what not...

    how to use:

    select which elements of the email you'd like to save "TO, FROM, SUBJECT, DATE"

    set a separator example: " ; " that way you can import to excel

    if you're using a domain with google apps for an email make sure to put:

    username@domain.com for the username!
    your password for the password!

    its already set up to pop.gmail.com : 995 but you can change that if your server is something else...

    ALSO gmail requires a secure connection, which is checked at default, if your email does not require a secure connection UNCHECK the box...

    when i have more time ill be looking for a different pop library to save messages as plain text ;x

    hope you all like it...

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