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    With this new clever twist, you will be able to build unlimited, on demand, super targeted audiences, literally in any niche.
    It will enable you to build:
    On demand
    Highly targeted custom audiences
    Who ready to buy your products
    Literally in any niche
    Without spending a single dime on Facebook ads.

    summary of what the pdfs is about:

    Fast Action Plan:
     Go to your Facebook account now
     Join some targeted groups in your selected niche
     Create you Flyt.it account
     Search for some useful content
     Take the website url and shorten it with Flyt
     Add your FB ads account no. To Flyt
     Go to your FB ads dashboard
     Create audience
     Add the shortened url with FB pixel included to your audience using the method I taught you
     Start posting manually or automatically with a tool to the FB groups that accepted you
     Repeat publishing your posts until you reach 400-500 (clicks on the post thru your link) people
     Create LLA (look like audience) generated from the FB pixel in your post link
     And finally setup your ads.
     If they convert, then optimize and scale up.
     If they don't convert, then try to add more interests, tweak and change the ads copy, try different offers, optimize your landing page...etc,

    until reach your goal!!

    SHA256: c07c6ef462c947a2be3d4455f0159fcacb709068e5f8a1c06e25a4fbb9d93810
    File name: FB_P_A_Circle.zip
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    Analysis date: 2017-07-22 06:53:22 UTC ( 1 minute ago )

    My (OldHatBH) Review:
    He waffles on a bit in the pdf and tries to be funny but the process seems sound.
    I read it and I liked the process but I don't do much FB ads lately since it got so expensive but this should reduce costs per click. Great idea if FB has not blocked it in some way and very easy to carry out or have an outsourcer carry it out. Which would be my preferred way :)
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    Thanks OldHatBH!
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