[GET] - HOT - PHP Easy Lock - Add Password On Your Page v1.0

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    Ever wanted to block the access of users on a certain page, but didn't find a good code for that? Well this is it! All you need is inside one file, and is being run from one single line of code...


    No installation, no configuration, no database needed
    Everything is inside a single file
    Very easy to use. For basic usage you only need 1 line of code
    Fully Responsive and brand new design. Works perfect on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops
    3 skins( + other 4 that come as a bonus) to choose from
    For higher functional demands, there are lots of functionalities, like md5 encryption, IP blocking, limiting number of attempts etc.
    Running very fast ~0.0044477 seconds (4 milliseconds)

    Few screenshots

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