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    Igor Ledochowski How to be a Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar [6.84GB]

    18DVDs, 2 Bonus DVDs, Transcripts

    How To Be A Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM

    Here are just a few of the hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets you will see taught and demonstrated throughout the 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM:

    How to go from painfully shy to a confident stage presence by holding the “T+ State.
    How to deliver your content using “training cycles” to keep your audience engaged.
    How to create a “thought matrix” and how to give an enriching experience to your audiences’ unconscious mind.
    How to put your speech or presentation together for maximum results.
    How to use a psychological principle (known only to a few high-level neuroscientists and experienced hypnotic-presenters) that “tunes people into your presentation” in such a way that they’ll eagerly want to pay to see you speak again and again… BEFORE you’ve even delivered your first presentation.

    The “group control” secret that allows you to speak in front of a rowdy group of know-it-all’s – use this
    secret to control large groups of people with plenty of big egos (like high-level executives) to the extent that they “police” the audience on your behalf.
    How to “sync” your presentation structure and delivery style with the UNCONSCIOUS minds of any group. Do this and each individual person in the group will make the decision to follow and succeed with your ideas… BEFORE you deliver the real content of your presentation.The simple “mind switch” to evaporating your stage fright and performance anxiety for good. (Once you know this simple “mind switch” secret you’ll be able to walk out in front of any intimidating group of people – no matter how large — and feel as comfortable as if you were meeting up with your everyday friends).

    How to bond with your audience in such a DEEP way that even if you make mistakes or completely lose your train of thought… they’ll love you more and walk away more transformed and “on board” with your message and ideas than if you delivered a slick pitch-perfect presentation.
    How to get more emotional “buy in” from any audience by staying completely SILENT in front of them.
    How to naturally possess a mesmerising “hypnotic voice” – a voice-cadence so cool and engaging that every member of the audience feels like you are having a one-on-one “best friend type” conversation with them. (Bill Clinton used this secret with devastating effect in a TV debate to snatch the presidency from George Bush Senior).

    How to NEVER run out of engaging, witty and humorous things to say in a presentation – and do so even if you have no pre-prepared speech and you’re thrown on stage to do a “make-or-break” presentation 2 minutes before the curtain goes up!
    The NUMBER 1 thing you MUST do at the start of any teaching or selling presentation where you want people to absorb and take enthusiastic action on your ideas. If you don’t do this ONE thing at the beginning of your presentation then: the MORE you say in your presentation the LESS receptive (and even downright hostile!) your audience will become.

    How to make your audience members feel “lucky” to even be in the room for your presentation. (Once you induce this “oh my God, this is what I’ve been searching for all these years” feeling into your audience with the techniques you’ll get in this program — your audience members will not want to leave the room even after your presentation has ended).A “lighting trick” my firearms teacher used on me to instantly switch me from a person who had the firearm jitters (shaky hands that prevented me from hitting the target) to AUTOMATICALLY putting a hole in the target on each shot. You can use the concept behind the “lighting secret” to enable people to learn and do things that they’d been mentally and emotionally blocked from doing before.

    How to get an ever-growing “yes momentum” to sweep through your audience members without ever ringing their dreaded “salesman alert” — every million dollar speaker is a master at building an ever-growing “yes momentum” in their audience – to the point that by the time they even mention what their product or service is…


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