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    [Matt] Well folks, congratulations for getting LinkedIn leads. You're about to discover 21 ways to get leads from LinkedIn. I'm here with Zoe Kennedy and she's going to be sharing with you the 21 ways to get the leads from LinkedIn. Before we start diving into this what I want to do is pass the baton over to Zoe and let her share with you, give you a little introduction on who she is and why you should listen to her. Zoe, why don't you tell them a little bit about yourself.

    [Zoe] Hi everyone, my name is Zoe and I'm based in the UK and I work as an internet marketing specialist. This basically means that I help companies with their online strategies, lead generation and LinkedIn training. I do a lot of work in the construction industry specifically where B2B sales is very prominent. If I quickly show you this infographic from business community. Here we go.

    It shows LinkedIn to be responsible for more than 80% of business' social media leads. All the other platforms put together only amount to 19.67%. With that in mind I want to get together and put my top 21 ways to get leads on LinkedIn. So to create this product I have gotten together with Matt, Matt Bacak, and just before letting Matt introduce himself properly I just wanted to share with you some of my notable achievements using the LinkedIn platform. Currently I'm working with an international construction company and I successfully established their brand with other 100 big name multibillion pound turnover a year companies using just the LinkedIn platform. To put that in real terms, to date I have identified 23 major projects with projected sales over the next 12 months reaching 20 million dollars and actual sales to date, 12.65 million dollars.

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