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    Messaging is a cool add-on, it moves your UserPro powered site to another level by letting people interact with each other, awesome new message notifications and easily initiate chats and reply to messages.This plugin adds private messaging between users and allows users to receive notifications about new messages, view conversations, reply to other users, It includes nice features such as emoticons, nice ajax notifications, easy conversations and quick-reply.
    [​IMG] Fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size
    [​IMG] Allow Users to Send and Receive Private Messages
    [​IMG] Sends notifications to users when they receive a message
    [​IMG] Trigger messages from any custom link !
    [​IMG] Ability to broadcast a message to all users.A success / failure notification is sent after the broadcast is completed.
    [​IMG] Administrators can restrict broadcasting by selecting which user roles have permission to broadcast
    [​IMG] You can add a Note that gets added to the footer of all private messages.You can use this to set up disclaimers or any other important notes. For example, “XYZ website is not responsible for all messages sent via this website by any user.”
    [​IMG] Users can block/unblock other users from messaging
    To test the chat/messaging ,please login with an account to the UserPro demo, because the messaging feature is only available for registered and logged-in users.
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