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    IMPORTANT: Enroll in All the courses you want!
    If you are a SkillShare premium user please enroll using the Premium Link, as is the way to thank the author and help him to keep creating more courses for the community.


    Marketing your Skillshare classes with RSS feeds, simply and easily.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2ktKI4M
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2lMwUED

    12 Controversial Teambuilding Ideas.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2kkcwxf
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2kDlz8F

    Delivering Speaking Presentations for Profit.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2Fbq7RM
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2Rnej4D

    Pitfalls of Private Practice.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2lmfqlH
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2mOcPy3

    How to add an affiliate store feed to your website or blog without coding.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2lrleZU
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2l24Gaf

    Choosing a safe, secure password manager? Check out my personal favourite. It's free!.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2VEPnF5
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2LpT2Fb

    Happiness Hacks - How to be happier and more content during autumn and winter.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2lrs0za
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2l1TRVP

    How to avoid those dreaded hunger pangs.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2LVNkIa
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2EmXJad

    Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Defining the Project - Introduction & Class 1 of 8.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2REXP7K
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2RzhWV3

    Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Listing the Tasks - Class 2 of 8.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2shUwoI
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2Qzj3zG

    Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Estimating Time & Costs - Class 3 of 8.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2VDY6Y6
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2RB6mIR

    Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Finding the Critical Path - Class 4 of 8.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2QxMW3c
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2H17GRg

    Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Crashing or Overlapping Tasks & Gantt Charts - Class 5 & 6 of 8.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2TCmh7j
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2LY5sBh

    Project Management SIMPLIFIED - Calculating resources & Assess & Mitigate Risks - Class 7 & 8 of 8.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2QvBk0B
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2Vz9HY9

    Running webinars on a shoestring.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2u0Og6w
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2vu10k0

    How to publish your own ebook on Kindle.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2l1T5Id
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2l1Pfiy

    Niche Marketing - Expanding your customer base...
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2Ffl3vr
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2tDG34T

    How to convert PDFs to Word for FREE.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2CiemoP
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2C6V1Xp

    How to search Google to find images to use legally.
    Free Link: https://skl.sh/2mDv3p4
    Premium Link: https://skl.sh/2m7x9wa

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