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    Data shows that nearly 80% users download an app through searching, they open up the search box and enter different words relating to the apps they intend to download. Then, your app may be found in the App Store if it is ranked well. However, you should know that only your app has a good ranking, it can be found by users. Before knowing how to get a higher ranking, you should learn the main factors affecting app store ranking.

    Developers should know that app store optimization will determine your app ranking. Here are several main factors you need to consider when working on ASO.

    1. App Keywords
    How well your keywords tally with what people are looking for determines how much ranking you get. Using keywords that are extremely popular will make you have a lot of apps to compete with, which will affect your ranking in turn. You need to make some research on relevant keywords you can use. You must also check and modify your keywords regularly, this will enable your app to get better visibility.

    Your main keywords must be included in the full name of your app, your app keyword, app description as well. You can also make use of the store’s search auto-complete option to help you recognize popular keyword combinations that might have been missed by others.

    2. App Downloads
    This is another vital factor that affects how well your app ranks in its store. The more downloads you get, the higher positive your app get in the app store. Having a lot of downloads, will get you up to the top in a short period of time. Here I recommend you buy keyword installs from a reliable company. Keyword installs can help increase app ranking directly.

    3. App Reviews and Ratings
    This is one popular ASO factor that affects how much your app ranks in the app store. Getting real, positive reviews and high ratings for your app are going to keep you on top of your competitors. But remember the positive reviews and high ratings must come from real users, otherwise your app will be removed from app stores.

    4. Recently Updated Apps
    Updating your app on the App Store will give you a short-term elevation. If your app is in the App Store, it is probably a bad idea for you to go on early release. Make sure your update comes with improvements that will generate a lot of thumbs up from your users, which will generate positive reviews for you in turn.

    There are a lot of other factors affecting App Store ranking, but keeping all of these in mind is surely improve your app store optimization and to take your products to where users are going to see them.
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