How to create content without tearing your hair out

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    Here is a simple method for writing content that is optimized for search and users for those of you that struggle with content ideas.

    1. Pick an article title
    2. Type article title into Google, the top 5 articles (ignore videos etc) are you competitors.
    3. For each of those competitor articles, you need to read and pick out around 10 keywords that seem most important to you.
    4. Ideally you want to use the same 10 keywords in your article, or if the keywords are pretty general, you can drill down on it to create an entirely new article.
    5. Sometimes just having keywords isn't enough, what you should know is that keywords are related to each other. If you can, group keywords into article topics.
    6. You can write 100 words per topic, you only need 5 topics to create an article.
    This is a slow method, but when you think of "article research" that is what specifically you should do.

    EXAMPLE: How to get rid of pimples
    Most common appearing keywords you can pick out are...
    1. skin 2. acne 3. pimples 4. face 5. bacteria 6. pores etc

    So when writing an article about getting rid of pimples you know that...

    You should talk about the fact it happens on the skin (duh), also called acne, and that it happens on the face. (in fact you can get pimples on the back too, but most of your competitors are focusing only on the face). etc...

    Article topics are harder to pick as it takes more time and maybe reading more than 5 articles!

    Why don't I tell you to use google keyword tool?
    a) You get long tail keywords and lots of keyword permutations. You don't get 1 word keywords that can be used in an article easily.
    b) Keyword tool misses a lot of terms that will never appear if you don't open and read what your competitors are writing about.

    I think this is a good way to understand the niche and to realize writing excellent content isn't as hard as it may seem.

    In fact it was such a good idea, I've automated exactly the top 2 things I recommend you do, find keywords from content and article topics from those keywords.

    My tool is still in testing hopefully I can have some of you guys review it later on.
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    Thanx Terebi....

    Nice tutorial..
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    YAYY!!! Super simple! I was looking for a good outline for writing content, say do you have any tips how to improve my intros?
    I always mess up trying to write a good intro... :(
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    This is a great writing tutorial.

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