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    aHair also reacts on vitamin and nutrients shortage. If you have unhealthy diet, you are likely to become a victim of hair fall. So, if you want to stop hair fall naturally, you should think of proper nutrition and make sure you consume enough vitamins.The good news is that hair fall is almost always reversible. As soon as you eradicate the ultimate cause that triggered

    How to prevent hair fall hair loss, your hair will start getting back to mal.Alopecia treatment depends on the very reason that initiated the process of hair fall. That is why before you start any hair loss treatment at home, consult a doctor. He or she will examine you and state the reason for your problems with hair. Usually the doctor will prescribe some drugs that work against the diseases you have and will advise you to take vitamins to support your health. As a rule, if you cure the initial reason, you will be able to stop or significantly reduce hair fall.

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