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    Testosterone levels. It has been intensively studied lately, and the research found out, that when we enter the REM part of our dreaming cycles. Testosterone and Growth hormone production kicks in, and starts working with full force. So PerformX Testo sleep more to increase Testosterone levels naturally, and for free. 2. Start eating organic foods Commercial foods these days contain a lot of chemicals, many of them mimic Estrogen, and Estrogen (female hormone) is directly responsible for lowering Testosterone levels. So consume natural foods instead, it will be huge uplift for your Testosterone levels, and also your overall health. 3. Toss out your chemical laden cosmetics Your shampoos, soaps, tooth paste, deodorants, and colognes all contain huge amounts of xeno-estrogens and estrogen mimics. They also contain many other unhealthy combinations. So consider taking them to the nearest garbage bin. There are natural alternatives out there that work just as well, and even better. Those products most certainly wont lower your Testosterone levels, and that is the most beautiful thing you can do as a man. 4. Exercise the right way Long cardio plummets Testosterone levels, but short peak exercises like HIIT will significantly

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