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    stretch out the buttock body right now and release the tension and things like that and increase your flexibility too so again thank you so much I hope that you enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful to you yourself a hug by reaching your arms around your shins here again relax into your belly as you exhale and feel your thighs pressing into the into your abdominal area so we're just compressing these muscles in our lower belly and in our lower back now let's take your hands into a basket interlace your fingers around your left shin and extend your ri virilaxyn rx ght foot straight out hovering over the map so in this initial extension of your leg I'd like you to feel that your lower back and your sacrum are still connected onto are drawing in to the power that's going to sustain your ability to lose the weight you want to lose trim this belly fat kiss it goodbye and watch it just fly away from plank pose feeling the belly at all directions feeling that support let's come down onto your hands and your knees so your hands are just under your shoulders your knees are just under your hips you're going to extend your right foot straight back behind you sending your chest straight forward towards the top of your mat then exhale draw your knee in towards your navel and round the back of your spine so you tuck your nose towards your knee inhale leg straight back chest straight forward and exhale draw in through your lower belly round through your

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