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    are like easily accessible I also got a bunch of the stunnin the lip velvet lip the lip products they're the best lip products I tried so far still for that velvet nap look super comfortable on the lips I'm wearing the color daffodil obviously earlier I put on the lock lipstick but before that I used this on like a little bit my cheeks and my lips the color daffodil it's a nice I would say like orange red but very muted oh right am I gonna go in with some skincare like transition trend transition into skincare I didn't get any new cleansers because that the cleansers that I use Milanoo Coupon d were the cleansers but then I met you from Charlotte and you I brought her cleansing balm and the soothing teach like cleansing gel and they didn't break me and also that was great and it feels really really nice and comfortable on the skin so I've been using that to cleanse my skin if you want one ring more toners I had a I brought a couple this is the new co-star ex-ac collection calming liquid mild and this one is targeted specifically for acne prone skin this one I got at all so a lot of people told me is a lot because a lot because I think it's nor they correct me if I'm wrong please just correct me like don't like just educate me please in Korea I here doesn't say ale

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