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    Keto 6tm If there is no possibility, then put a cardio session after a power session, but remember: in this case its duration should not exceed 22-25 minutes. Do not create excessive stress exercise, otherwise you will worsen recovery and weight loss, respectively. How many times a day do you need to eat? Every time when we want to lose weight, thoughts about multiple meals creep into my head. Supposedly 5-6 times meals lead to rapid weight loss, speeding up the metabolism and other positive bonuses. But is it? Let's try to understand everything in more detail. Dietary regimens for weight loss can differ dramatically from each other, but the body practically does not feel such a difference. The body does not care how often you eat, because the assessment of energy and plastic resources occurs in 3-4 days, not every day. It is believed that frequent meals spin the metabolism. But not everything is as simple as it seems. Metabolism is not a wheel that can be spun. This is the rate of metabolic processes and a whole body of various chemical reactions, which are difficult to characterize with just one term. We will not go into the wilds of biochemistry and physiology. Instead, just turn to the scientific data. For the body globally it does not matter the number of meals. The balance of calories and their lack of - the key factors for weight loss. However, in fairness, we note a few simple truths: If frequent meals make it easier to follow a diet - you will lose weight, because it is easier to follow a diet; If frequent meals complicate the control of the diet - you will get fat, because the total will break; If rare meals complicate the shortage of calories - it will interfere with losing weight; If rare meals do not cause discomfort - it helps to lose weight. Therefore, it is impossible to answer this question for everyone. Each person should independently analyze their diet, their dietary habits and desires, in order to understand which scheme is more comfortable for him. For weight loss will be most effective to eat without discomfort, strictly observing the calorie deficit. Many people believe in favor of 5 meals a day, but at the same time they suffer greatly from the domestic inconvenience associated with frequent meals.

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