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    It is very important that we follow our advertising campaigns in the affiliate and CPA projects to see the direction of our campaign results and to make decisions on whether to continue or adjust our strategies,
    In this framework there is a very powerful tracking program called NewBidder that features all the features that may outperform the rest of the tracking software including voluum.
    Newbyder features:
    • Price: Its price is as low as 50% compared to the price of the voluum tracking program.
    • Automatic help for ad campaigns
    •Get feedback on the sudden change: for example, one of my offers declined? Which one, in which country? ROI suddenly fell, on which campaign? The new budget-consuming area and other sudden changes that you get feedback at once to fix the campaign from breaking down feature are missing in the tracking software.
    • Other features.
    1. Newbidder TRK integrates some of popular traffic source into our system through API, and pull the data for you after you set token on our system, it bring you much more convenience to analysis data and mange your campaign from your traffic source in one panel.which synchronize all the real cost of different parameters such as website id, country post back from the 3rd Traffic source like popads, zeropark.,etc
    2. Which surprise me is the flexible report system
    The Report system provides 20+ variables and 3 dimension group by to analysis your data deeply and looking for positive profit dimension and potential, you can find which website id is profitable in which day in which campaign,.it is really flexible and useful for me.
    I believe that Newbidder will be a promising future in the industry of tracking software with its distinctive characteristics

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