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    [Authority Emulator] Transform Your Wordpress Site to Look Like an Authority Site in a Few Clicks

    Transform Your Tired Site to Look Like an Authority Site in Just a Few Clicks
    Nowadays the Authority sites have some things in common so that they look head and shoulders above 99.999999% of the rest of the cannon fodder sites in existense (mine included. Ha!). I have a new plugin that will transform your site to give it the essential functions of these Authority sites. Nice!
    Now, before you go and say, “I don’t want to be an Authority site, I just want my little ole site to get a few clickedy clicks and make a little cashy.†Why would you want you site to look like an authority site? Because these multinational companies have spent the big bikkies on research as to what works! They test and test and test some more. Trust me, if they have it, you want it.
    Authority sites like these:
    A few months ago I was putting together a website for my furniture business (Unfortunately, I still am getting it put together! Bummer!). I was trying to base it off of these authority sites and they all had something in common. Now, I love WordPress, it makes throwing up nice looking websites a breeze. But there are a few problems with this format that just doesn’t cut it if you want your site to look like an authority site.
    The default Login goes to a WordPress screen. Why is it a problem? It just screams out, “Cheapski! Can’t you afford a decent programmer?â€
    I mean it looks okay, I guess. But why let people think you are a cheapskate? Think of it like this: Just imagine telling people you have a yahoo email for your business email. Well, that is not very professional, Sonny Jim.
    Another problem with this is security. If someone nasty types in wp-admin after your domain name, they are going to come up with the key to unlocking your site (The login screen)
    What most authority sites are using nowadays. A custom login and ability to use Social Sites to Register/Login. Check out the pics below:
    We have desiged our plugin with the same kind of functionality with no programming necessary!
    Real Contacts
    Not everyone uses their real (or one they use very often) email address anymore for these login/register/optin forms.
    But when someone is signing in using Google or Facebook, you know it is going to be an email they use pretty often, as the average GI Joe usually only has one account at each place.
    Some people are just so lazy to login/register, so why not give a different option?
    When the user Registers for the first time the user is added to your newsletter/autorespnder service. At the moment we have Aweber and Getresponse and we will add more in later updates.
    Some sites won’t even allow you to sign up any other way, but by using Facebook etc. (see ehow.com)
    Ok, Why Should I Get This Beast of a Plugin?
    Look, there are just so many features that this does here, that we won’t mention. Some are pretty boring, but essential, so I will just tell you some of the goodies;
    New Authority Trend – Don’t get left behind and look like a cheap n nasty wordpress blog! Impress people with your Authority site look and feel especially if you want to have the same or better functionality of the big sites. If you wanna look like a big fish, you gotta dress like one.
    Viral - Others that have sold social optin thingymajigs with a fraction of the functions have claimed the whole, “this is going to make your site go viralâ€. I am not going to do that here, but this has to be the most powerful of those on the market. So, get ready for the influx!
    Security - It changes WordPress logins so hackers can’t find you. Nice!
    Check Out The Social Features:
    Facebook: Register/Login, Post to Wall and add user to Newsletter
    Twitter: Register/Login and share to wall, but does not add to Newsletter
    Google: Register/Login and add user to Newsletter
    Yahoo: Register/Login and add user to Newsletter
    Login to All Your Sites With a Click of a Button
    If you have admin access that is the same as your gmail account you could login to all your sites with one password. Yep that’s right, no having to remember heaps of passwords for your sites. Oh yeah!
    Okay, here is another nice picture of some videos that we are going to show you for explaining things.
    1. Lifetime Updates
    2. Multi-site License Upgrade
    We would normally charge extra for the upgrade to the multi-site license, but today you can get a free upgrade to a multi-site license. This means you can use it on all sites that you own. This is probably the last time we will offer such a deal as this. Yeah, yeah, I am sure you have heard it all before.
    Okay, this is a crazy price of just:
    We will be offering an upgrade after the initial purchase, the developer version upgrade, which allows you to install it on unlimited of your own or clients domains. At the moment we have it priced under $30.
    PLUS This also includes the PRO version where you can have the authority social optin form.
    Can you think of anyone else that is offering this service of turning a website into an authortiy site? What sort of price could you charge for that? $1000? Well at least $200, surely? In selling this to clients (if you decide to upgrade), you could offer a unique service to show people their need for an authority site. I mean what would it be costing those authority site fellas? This is not something that you would have seen before. It is a unique plugin and you can offer an unique service should you go down that path.
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    need this as well
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    Get it here..NOW! Pls make mirror for others..

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