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    The other day I wrote about walking, and how the longest lived
    people in China reportedly walk for at least one hour per day.

    But, as I also said, there's more to the story.

    Walking alone is good medicine - but the way most people
    walk is sort of like taking an aspirin when you could be on

    Now, knee-jerk responders, I did NOT say I want anyone to
    use opium, or aspirin for that matter. I, myself, don't - so I'm
    not advocating it whatsoever,

    I am, however, making a point.

    Your brain, nervous system and organs have access to the
    most powerful endorphins and hormones ever created.

    And your body/mind will create some incredible mind-altering,
    mind-expanding and body-relaxing substances, if you know
    what I know about walking, or movement in general.

    Negative stress is thought of by many to be the number one
    dis-ease in the world today. And negative stress is behind
    many of the dis-eases we get. So it makes sense that by
    reducing negative stress, you give yourself a much stronger
    "fighting chance" to win your health battles.

    So I repeat, "it's not walking that helps you live longer - it's HOW
    you walk, it's how you breathe when you walk, it's which direction
    you walk and it's what you're mentally picturing as you walk."

    Any form of walking will help reduce stress - but the method of
    walking I teach in my Dao Zou program is "off the charts" when it
    comes to reducing stress.

    I have yet to meet a single person who walked with me for 30
    minutes - not even an hour - the way I teach in Dao Zou, who
    wasn't totally blissed out. In fact, it's not uncommon to simply
    stand still for several minutes when you finish, taking in the
    positive sensations and vibrations you're experiencing.

    Several years ago, after teaching a local friend The Way of
    Dao Zou - he wrote me a few hours later, when he was still
    vibrating at a much higher level.

    What did he tell me when he wrote?

    He said that the Dao Zou walking I teach is "shamanic."

    At first, I chuckled. After all, I thought, I'm no Shaman.

    Then I paused for a moment and flashed upon the people
    whom I'd helped recover from various aches and pains.
    I flashed upon the products I've created that help eliminate
    various ailments. And I flashed upon the people who came
    to me in a state of emotional pain and dis-ease and left feeling
    ten years younger and a hundred pounds lighter.

    The good news is that The Way of Dao Zou gives YOU the
    shamanic state of mind. It turns stagnant energy and chi
    into a river of flow.

    Dao Zou also increases your memory, elevate your
    energy and builds a stronger immune system.

    If you follow this program before you go to work, you'll "slide" through
    the day as if lubricated. If you follow it before bed-time, you'll glide into
    the sleep state like you did when you hadn't a worry in the world.

    Normally, Dao Zou retails for an amount nearly 3x what I have it
    listed for right NOW.

    Get the program at this reduced amount today and I'll also enclose
    a copy of my newest best-seller, Expect to Win - Hate to Lose.

    Follow the Way of
    Dao Zou and be amazed with how it changes your
    life, health and well-being for the better.


    Matt Furey


    Please upload if you have this.

    His program are very good.

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