[REQ] Information about offers in IM tools for black friday / cybermonday

Discussion in 'BHT Bots & Automation Tools' started by xbrainwave2005, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Hi there

    You know that black friday and cybermonday come this weekend.

    So if you have info about useful internet marketing tools at huuge discount,
    please share in this threat.

    I know that in this forum is not about to share commercial items..

    However, if you find
    a tool that traditonally costs 900 dollars is sold as 90 dollars is similar to post a [GET] or a [GROUP BUY].

    So for this weekend I hope admins be tolerant to black friday and cybermonday offers because we all will be benefited with this tools discounts.

    Hope your shares.


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