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    This is is a review of Wall Calendars Empire that was generously shared by.....

    I was drawn to this business plan because I have had modest experiencing in the self-publishing arena.

    But, here are the probable short comings of this particular business plan. Popular calendar niches that the author
    recommends include Puppies, Pets, and Animals... I will use Puppies/Dogs as an example in this critique.

    Locating suitable images is a breeze via the Author's recommended resources which are outstanding.

    But, here is the problem as I see it.... CALENDER CREATION PRINT SERVICES.
    The author encourages the use of ..
    Create Photo Calendars
    "The prices of calendars are $12.50 on “Create Photo
    Calendars”, which is the most advertised site where you
    can sell your calendar for $20 and earn $7.50 for each one
    you sell. They pay you directly and they have an internal
    store where you can sell your calendars or redirect people
    for purchase. Check for coupon codes to discount
    calendars on home page."

    Signup here as a seller (choose your profile between two,
    one free and one paid with products discounted by 40%)
    "Then, at your first login, remember to check your cart,
    where you will find your free or paid subscription to
    complete with your company/personal information. It’s a
    strange way to manage signups, but you have to do that.
    VistaPrint is a humongous printing network that sells its
    products all over the world. I bet in your life you have seen
    their banners on some websites, right? They sell
    calendars for $17.98, cheaper than the other site.
    Suggested price of sale is $24.98 to earn $7 per calendar,
    but they offer a huge selection of templates to create your
    wall calendars in a creative way."

    In my opinion, a $7.00 gross profit margin is terribly small.
    The author recommends selling calendars via Storify, Etsy, and Ebay. If you search for calendars via these platforms, you will find lots of
    calendar vendors who are offering beautifully composed niche calendars at well under the 'wholesale' price that the two Author Recommended
    print services charges...And, these two vendors are competitive compared to other Calendar printing companies.

    Take a look at...
    Without coupons or special promotional discounting, this servie 'retails' calendars in thousands of different niches for $9.99-$14.99.
    Dogs/Puppies provides over 300 different wall hung calendars.

    Aside from the probability that Calendars.com provides sales contact info printed on the calendars that they sell, wouldn't it make more sense
    to pay 'retail' at
    and markup to $20 or $24.95.

    Also, the author recommends that a calendar publisher create a minimum of 5 different wall calendars. "This way, whoever visits your resource can
    decide to purchase more than one calendar." This makes complete sense. Calendars.com has a monster inventory of different calendar niches.

    However, go to Author's Etsy site>>>
    If this business plan is so successful, why does the Author only provide 2 niche calendar purhcase options at this store?

    Perhaps, this is an example of 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do'!!!!

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