[Tutorial] How to create and get API key for bots with 9kw.eu captcha service

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    In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to use this excellent service for SEO tools and automated scripts. With your account you can start earning credits and money by solving captchas, even from the comfort of your desktop without having to login in the main webpage.

    What is 9kw.eu?


    9kw is a online service to earn credits and money by solving captchas for other users (and yours too). You can integrate the API key within a lot of known SEO tools and plugins easily. You can register here , they’ll send you an e-mail to verify your account.

    API Key

    You must create the API keys according to the software or plugin to use. In our case, we’re going to create 2 keys; one for solving captchas from your desktop app (GUI), and the other key is for iMacros, used in automated scripts or bots.

    Now login and enter in ‘API Key’ (right panel, next to your main balance).
    You’ll see no keys, so go to ‘One Click API Key’ and create a ‘iMacros’ key, and then create a ‘9kwGUI’ key.


    Write on or copy both keys because you’re going to need them from now.


    Now your keys are active and ready. Nothing more to modify, unless you want to delete or deactivate each key.

    Configure 'Self Solve'

    Now go to ‘Userconfig’ (right panel, next to API Key) to configure your account to solve your own captchas. By default you earn credits solving captchas for others but you can earn solving your own captchas too (or submitted throught your API). For this, you must set ‘Self Solve’ and ‘Self Solve automatically for captchas’ to ‘YES’.


    Software and plugins

    Done this, we’re ready to download the GUI for solving captchas from our desktop. Go to ‘Plugins’ tab, and you will see a lot of software tools to solve captchas more convenient and comfortable than on the website to earn credits.


    In ‘Software List’, ‘Earn credits’ section, you will see the link to download the app for our desktop/PC, in this case, for Windows, 9kw GUI. You can check out the other links in case of problems with compatibility too.


    First credits

    As you can see, the 9kw GUI app is light and portable. Open and configure it with your API key, 9kwGUI API key. Go to ‘Edit’, input the key and save it. There are more options available but you may configure as you will.


    You have 30 seconds to solve each captcha; if the counter reach to zero the app will stop and you must click ‘Start’ again. YOU MUST USE ‘SKIP’ FOR CAPTCHAS YOU CANNOT SOLVE OR DON’T KNOW HOW TO SOLVE (IMPORTANT).

    Credits to cash

    With more than 140.000 credits (10 EUR) you can cash out to Paypal. You must activate this option in ‘Userconfig’ then in ‘Rewards’ and scroll down to ‘Provide active help’. You have to reach 250 credits first, then activate and save.


    You’re done and ready to start solving captchas! :cool:

    Final tips

    • Before starting to work, I highly advice to read the online tutorial that briefly explains how to best solve captchas to get credits (Help section in 9kw.eu).

    • Solving captcha’s on the website gives you +7 credits and in apps gives you +8/10 credits. Each time someone solves your captcha it will cost you 10 credits. With the settings “Priority (1-10)” you can give your captcha request extra priority. Increasing the priority cost minimal +1 extra credits.

    • 1 API key per instance/session. If you use the same key in two different locations at the same time it will give you errors.

    • iMacros API key only for the Firefox add-on. The scripts or bots will solve on automatic every captcha as long as you have enough credits.

    • Check out the Help and FAQ section in 9kw.eu for more information.

    Watch how the service works in semi-automatic. On fully automatic you only have to have credits on your account, don't even need to buy captcha packs:)


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