What You Need to Do to Increase App Traffic

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    Your app is out for several days now, and you still can’t seem to find the reason your app isn’t getting the downloads you would’ve hoped for. So how can you get an idea of what marketing tactics work for you?
    There’re some ASO tips that are proven to drive more traffic to your app.

    1. Focus on App Description
    Your app title and app description should be able to clearly communicate the functions of your app to the user. While both the title and the app description should be keyword-rich, take care not to overdo it. Also, avoid using app names which are similar to already popular apps. This would end up doing more harm than good.
    2. Issue a Media Release
    Make some noise about the release of your app. Issue a media release for your app and submit it to the most popular websites, so as to bring you more exposure. Also, create a free trial especially for them and ask them to do a hands-on review of your app on their site. This will bring your app further into the limelight. Remember also to offer promo codes on the most prominent app developer and user forums. This would help drive more traffic to your app.
    3. Blog about Your App
    Blog regularly about your app. This will let you further interact with your users. Publish regular updates if you can and share each one on your blog.
    4. Get App Reviews
    You can gain more user opinions for your app. More reviews obviously translate into more app sales. Thus you need to get app reviews with high quality to your app.

    Hope this can be useful to you. We will keep sharing App Store Optimization tips for you.
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    Just provide the genuine facility for the people and then little bit use promotion you get lot more traffic for the app.

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