Why your content generator + spinner combo struggles to create readable content

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    If you know how they work you can see logically why the produced content is never good enough for money sites.

    All content generators do this

    1. Scrape/Filter
    2. Break content into sentences/paragraphs
    3. Pick random sentence/paragraph to make new article.

    #3 is why your article reads like crap.

    Sentences are not discrete units of words. They are are related to each other, think why you can't randomize all sentences in a novel and come out with a readable story.

    The problem of course is that 1. filtering is not perfect so you get content generators using content which we consider spam.

    How do I know all this?

    I've been making content generators for 4 years.

    SO, now you have an auto generated article. Best case scenario its keyword relevant, and if you fix a few sentences here and there it becomes readable.

    Then of course it has to be unique.

    Content generators don't actually "generate" content in the real sense of the word. (if it did it would be called a markov generator)

    It re-uses content that it finds on the web, which means by definition it can't be unique unless re-written.

    Applying a spinner to any perfect article, will always make it less readable.

    The less readable.... generally the more unique your article will become.

    Random sentences != Readable article
    You trade readability for uniqueness when you use a spinner

    End of the world?
    No. It turns out for mass link building we only need our content to be
    1) Unique
    2) Keyword relevant

    NOT readable

    Want real content?
    1 - Hire someone
    2 - Write it yourself

    PS Want a better explanation -> http://seocloudcontent.com/why-spinners-and-content-generators-will-never-produce-readable-articles/
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    in the med
    You are a member to this forum for 6 years and still you haven't learned how properly to code your links?

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